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Ticks are the small blood sucking arthropods and they are the leading carriers of human diseases throughout the country. If not approached with caution, tick infestation can lead to far reaching health consequences than just the normal diseases. At Tick Control Guys, we specialize in offering long lasting solutions to tick infestation especially in pets as these are the greatest known carriers. If you sense a tick infestation at your home or on your pets, give us a call at 888-334-1777 and we will respond with the decisiveness required to come and end the infestation.


Safe tick removal

At Tick Control Guys, we employ on the safest means to remove any tick infestation you might be experiencing. We use only the recommended methods and pesticides to remove the ticks. When you call us, we will take all the necessary measures to ensure that we leave your pets, household as well as the environment safe from any dangers. Let us know today via 888-334-1777 if you need safe removal of ticks from your pets or your premises.


Qualified tick exterminators

Tick Control Guys only employs qualified and highly skilled tick and pest exterminators. Our experts have been trained on the safe removal of ticks without further endangering the lives of the family members or those of the pets. They are professional and will always work while on the appropriate protective gear to avoid any accidents.

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Once a month topical

At Tick Control Guys, we use Once a month topical as one of the effective ways for tick control and extermination in pets. This is basically one of the easiest and cheapest methods for tick extermination. In this method, once a month topical insecticides are applied to a small section on the back of the pet once every month. The method is effective not only for exterminating the ticks but also killing fleas that might already be infesting the pest. Contact us today if you need safe and affordable once a month topical administered to your pets.

Tick sprays

At Tick Control Guys, we also have sprays that are very deadly in tick removal. These sprays come as pump bottles or aerosols and one of their benefits is that they can be used not only on the pests but also in the environment to get rid of the ticks or pests that might be sprawling around. With our sprays, we only use the recommended sprays which will have no harmful effect on the pests on the environment. Contact us today at 888-334-1777 if you want reliable tick sprays that you can use to exterminate all the ticks infesting your environment and pets.

Dips and rinses

Dips and rinses are also methods of tick removal used by Tick Control Guys to get rid of all the ticks from the entire body of the animal. When we use this method, we apply the appropriate pesticides in well ventilated areas so that we dont cause any pollution to the air around. We are also keen in the process to ensure that the pets do not ingest the pesticide being used to exterminate the pests. Give us a call today at 888-334-1777 if you need reliable dips and rinse for your pets.

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